Science within Food:

Up-to-date Advances on Research and Educational Ideas

Food Science Book Series #1 - Some accepted proposals

Natural Radioactivity Levels in Canned Food
Ali Abid Abojassim

Shelf life of banana Cavendish Giant (aaa), oranges and mangoes in polystyrene containers within refrigerated chamber
Leopoldo Partida Ruvalcaba, Felipe Ayala Tafoya, Teresa de Jesús Velázquez Alcaraz, Tomás Díaz Valdés, Moisés Gilberto Yáñez Juárez and Raymundo Medina López

The Functional Aspects of Beta Glucan for Dairy Industry
Tulay Ozcan, Arzu Akpinar-Bayizit and Lutfiye Yilmaz-Ersan

Post-harvest quality attributes in carrot produced with organic compost in semi-arid region
A. Figueiredo Neto, F.A.C. Almeida and R.M. Carneiro

The effect of Soy protein on cardiovascular disease (CVDs): A systemic review
AliAmiri Qandashtani Roya and Ataye Salehi Esmaeil

A study of the effect of TBA (Thiobarbituric acid) on the microbiological and sensory qualities of some foods
Süleyman Gokmen and Aytac Kocabas

Prevention by essential oils of Aspergillus flavus growth and aflatoxin B1 production: Mini review
Yamina Ben Miri, Djamel Djenane and Mahdid Mouhamed

Learning from Nature: Biopesticides for sustainable Agriculture
Jessica B. Martínez, Iván Córdova-Guerrero, Joaquín G. Marrero, Mariana Macías-Alonso and Soraya Osegueda-Robles

Environmental hazards of food waste
Syed Kashif Ali, Sana Siddiqui and Mohammad Asaduddin Laskar

A systematic study on phytocannabinoids for hypercholesterolemia: a lesson in foodinformatics
Isaac Karimi and Danial Naseri

Lipases: Sources, Characteristics and application in Food industry
Farzad Mardani kataki and Esmaeil Ataye Salehi

The Black Garlic
J. Sasaki

Tackling food and nutrition insecurity using leafy wild vegetables: The nutritional compositions of some selected species
Callistus Bvenura

Food Additives: Colorants
Aybuke Ceyhun Sezgin and Sibel Ayyıldız

Edible films: the packages of the future?
T.G. Cerón-Carrillo, Y. Arragán-Muñoz and N.A. Santiesteban-López

Factors that influence color degradation in extra virgin olive oils
A. Mondragón Valero, D. Salazar Hernández, I. Rodriguez Guillamón, G. Hernández Hernández and I. López-Cortés