Science within Food:

Up-to-date Advances on Research and Educational Ideas

Food Science Book Series #1 - Ebook

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A Major Concern in Food Industry, Contamination Reservoir: Bacterial Biofilm
B. Uymaz Tezel and P. Şanlıbaba

Acceptable food products processed from underutilized crops
F.O. Habwe, M.K. Walingo and I.J. Jondiko

Acids in grapes
F. Giannetti, S. Puccioni, A.M. Epifani and A. Zombardo

Acrylamide in Processed Food and Reduction Strategies
G. Arusoglu

Application of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRs), PCA and PLS models for the analysis of dried medicinal plants
J. Gajdoš Kljusurić, D. Valinger, A. Jurinjak Tušek, M. Benković and T. Jurina

Assess the physical and chemical characteristics and toxicity elements of the sludge of treatment plant: Minireview
F. Hallouz, H. Karahacane, M. Meddi and F. Sadi

Chitosan as alternative treatment to control postharvest losses of tropical and subtropical fruits
P. Gutierrez-Martinez, A. Ramos-Guerrero, H. Cabanillas-Beltran, J. Romero-Islas and A. Cruz-Hernandez

Contamination by fusariotoxins in Zea Mays L. (maize) for human consumption
S.D. Peña Betancourt and S. De Saeger

Control of food-borne pathogens growth using bacteriophage
P. Şanlıbaba and B. Uymaz Tezel

Conventional and non-conventional lipid modifications: a review
K.R.R. Godoi, D. Barrera-Arellano and A.P.B. Ribeiro

Edible films: the package of the future?
T.G. Cerón Carrillo and N.A. Santiesteban-López

Factors that influence color degradation in extra virgin olive oils
A. Mondragón-Valero, D. Salazar Hernández, I. Rodríguez Guillamón, G. Hernández Hernández and I. López-Cortés

Food Additives: Colorants
Aybuke Ceyhun Sezgin and Sibel Ayyıldız

Food analysis: From structure, chemistry and flavour to foodomics
A. Vilela, T. Pinto, B. Gonçalves, E. Bacelar, A.C. Correia, A.M. Jordão and F. Cosme

Food education: an essential tool for stimulating households? cognition of nutritional values of safe and quality food consumption in Nigeria
Okanlade A. Lawal-Adebowale

Formal and Non-Formal Methods in Food Chemistry and Engineering Education
H. Kautola, K. Hölttä and S. Mahlamäki-Kultanen

Fructan Rich Diet to Improve Gut Microbiota in Disease and Health
Merve Erginer Haskoylu, Songul Yasar Yildiz and Ebru Toksoy Oner

Herbal Extracts as Bioinsecticides for sustainable Agriculture
J.B. Martínez Carrión, I. Córdova Guerrero, J. González Marrero, M. Macías Alonso, S. Osegueda Robles and F. Ledezma García

How to perform properly statistical analysis on food data? An e-learning tool: Advanced Statistics in Natural Sciences and Technologies
T. Eftimov, P. Korošec, D. Potočnik, N. Ogrinc, D. Heath and B. Koroušić Seljak

Integration of multi-omics data for biomarker identification of food safety and quality
G. Perrotta, M. Donini, O.C. Demurtas, A. Mengoni, P. De Rossi, A. Del Fiore, M. Di Carli, L. Bianco, L. Daddiego, M. Sulli, L. Daroda and A. Bevivino

Lipid Peroxidation and Its Antimicrobial Effect in Foods
A. Kocabaş and S. Gökmen

Moroccan sesame: an overview of seed and oil quality
Abdelghani Nabloussi, Hafida Hanine, Meriem El Harfi and Hajar Rizki

Nutritional and functional properties of protein concentrate and protein isolates of foods
A. Cruz Solorio, M. Garín Aguilar and G. Valencia del Toro

Plant extracts as a natural corrosion inhibitors of metals and its alloys used in food preserving industry
A. Ninčević Grassino

Post-harvest quality attributes in carrot produced with organic compost in semi-arid region
A. Figueiredo Neto, R.M. Carneiro and F.A.C. Almeida

Probiotics in gastrointestinal-associated diseases
C. Faustino and L. Pinheiro

Prospects of antimicrobial food packaging in developing countries: processing and food security perspectives
Nichrous Mlalila, Askwar Hilonga and Hulda Swai

Shelf life of banana, orange and mango in polystyrene containers within refrigerated chamber
L. Partida Ruvalcaba, V. Eng Felix, F. Ayala Tafoya, T. de J. Velazquez Alcaraz, T. Diaz Valdes, M.G. Yañez Juarez and R. Medina Lopez

Study of the migration phenomena from milk polypropylene bottles
Z. Bouchaib, M.O. Boussoum, N. Belhaneche-Bensemra and R. Dahak

Susceptibility profile and antimicrobial multiresistance of Staphylococcus aureus strains from Brazilian "coalho" cheese
D.M. Santos, R.O.J. Silva, S.T. Ortiz, M.R.O. Silva, S.A.C. Andrade and E.C.L. Machado

Tackling food and nutrition insecurity using leafy wild vegetables: The nutritional compositions of some selected species
C. Bvenura and A.J. Afolayan

The black garlic
J. Sasaki

The environmental hazards of food wastage: A brief summary
M. Asaduddin Laskar, S. Kashif Ali and Sana Siddiqui

The Functional Aspects of Beta Glucan for Dairy Industry
Tulay Ozcan, Arzu Akpinar-Bayizit and Lutfiye Yilmaz-Ersan

The role of saliva in food sensory perception: relevant knowledge to design healthy foods
Elsa Lamy, Lénia Rodrigues, Teresa Louro and Fernando Capela e Silva

Use plant based-recombinant proteins in food and human health
C.A. Oluk and P. Cubukcu

Vitamin B6: a heart-protective molecule through a novel mechanism of increasing histidine-related compounds
Thanutchaporn Kumrungsee, Dwi Eva Nirmagustina, Norihisa Kato, Noriyuki Yanaka and Hong C. Lai